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About Us

Melodies of Our Plants is the song recordings from our plants and trees. I use the Plantwave device and sound sets in their app to record the plants music. It detects the bio data in the plant and sends it over to the app. The plant and I choose the best sound set to record their message, their love and their song for the moment. I record them and make videos to share. The plant pictures in the videos are the plant or tree being recorded.

Mother Nature Loves You!

Melodies of Our Plants Recordings
Hello and Welcome 

Hi Everyone and Welcome... We started a new FB group and YouTube channel just for the plant music so it is easier to find. In the next few weeks we will be updating some videos and posting them on the new channel. While some of the videos will be staying on the other channel most of the new videos will only be on the new channel so it stays simple and easy to find. We hope this will only take a week or so because there is so many new recordings to share..

We still have a little time to record more plants outside before winter comes so stay tuned... Mother Nature has a lot to share..

So please be patient with the upgrades - including the website.. Mother Nature Loves You!

Please feel free to join the group if you want or just check back in once in a while.

If you like the YouTube channel please subscribe so YouTube shares the videos more often, Thank You! Just click on one of the videos in a post....

Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!

Please feel free to contact us!

Mother Nature Loves You! 

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Coming Soon 

We have had a great year so far being out in Mother Nature and recording the Melodies of Our Plants. We have has so  much fun and learned a lot about our communication with Mother Nature, Our Food and Our Connections with each other.. Stay Tuned! MOTHER NATURE LOVES YOU! 


Does our food have a song? 


Well if the beans have anything to say about it then the answer is YES! It may sound like a corney idea to record vegetables but it is a blast. So lets squash any rumors right now and say, " Tomato or Tomatillo it doesn't matter, they all have a melody to share!"   Mother Nature Loves You! 

 Bean Talking To You Yellow Beans   

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